EasyCard Investment Holding Co., Ltd

In response to the growing variety of electronic value storing devices, global electronic payment methods, and the promulgation of the Act Governing Issuance of Electronic Stored Value Cards as well as the ensuing supervision and management needs of the relevant authorities, the EasyCard Corporation set up the EasyCard Investment Holding Co., Ltd. on 1 December, 2009, as a mother company for the promotion and development of EasyCard related affairs.

Since its establishment,the EasyCard Investment Holding Co., Ltd. has come to hold 100% of the EasyCard Corporation, 37.05% of UUPON inc., 10% of Alliance Digital Tech Co., Ltd., 6% of Metro Consulting Service Ltd., and 1% of Taiwan Mobil Payment Co., Ltd.under its operational development requirements and long term investment plans.

By integrating the various reinvestment companies, providing all-round electronic ticketing application services, as well as holding regular meetings between representatives of the reinvestment companies to discuss future executive policies, new business investment directions and review company efficiencies, the EasyCard Investment Holding Co., Ltd. always stays on top of operational developments. In future, we intend to increase cross-disciplinary developments, to bring the public into an even more convenient, varied and innovative era of electronic payment.

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