Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

About Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
  • Based In: Australia
  • Markets Active: Australia
  • Sector: Affordable Housing, Ageing, Climate Action and Environment, Education, Employability, Energy, Health, Livelihood and poverty alleviation, Nutrition, Water and sanitation and hygiene
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths, Elderly, Ethnic minorities, Immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees, People in poverty, People with disabilities, People without employment, Women and girls
  • Financing Provided: Debt, Equity, Grant
  • Support Provided: Access to Networks

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation was established as an independent public foundation in 1923 by the Lord Lord Mayor of the day, Sir John Swanson. The Foundation is a community foundation that holds funds from bequests and donations. 75% of our granting is focused on four impact areas: Homelessness & Affordable housing, Education and Employment (youth and older people focus); Sustainable Melbourne (food, water and sustainable energy focus) and Healthy and Cohesive Community. 25 % of granting is donor advised, some within the impact areas. The corpus of the Foundation is Aus $220 million. The Foundation supports not for profit social enterprise in our four impact areas and has a partnership with Social Traders Australia to support social enterprise development. The Foundation has an allocation of 1.5 – 2.5% to social impact investing within its investment policy and has established an affordable housing loan fund with SEFA of AUD 3 million and invested in another equity impact investment. The Foundation applies and Ethical Investment Policy to its investments.

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