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Quantedge Foundation is a philanthropic foundation established by the principals of Quantedge Capital. ​

We curate, design, and fund programmes and research to understand the root causes and underlying issues behind social and environmental challenges, and partner like-minded organisations to pilot innovative and scalable solutions to bring about long-term, sustainable changes.

In Singapore, Quantedge Foundation (Singapore) Ltd focuses on improving upward social mobility through providing equal access to transformational opportunities for disadvantaged children and youth.

Internationally, Quantedge Advancement Initiative Ltd supports crucial global health and development efforts in vulnerable communities, and advances urgent climate change action in Southeast Asia and beyond.



Market(s) Active

Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam

Social causes


The team at Quantedge Foundation

  • Claire Chua

    Claire Chua

    Director at Quantedge Foundation (Singapore) & Quantedge Advancement Initiative

  • Denise Chong

    Denise Chong

    Analyst (Programmes) at Quantedge Advancement Initiative

  • Esther Koh

    Esther Koh

    Analyst (Programmes), Quantedge Advancement Initiative at Quantedge Foundation

  • Feng Ling Lim

    Feng Ling Lim

    Head (Programmes) at Quantedge Foundation (Singapore)

  • Hui Jia Teo

    Hui Jia Teo

    Analyst (Programmes) at Quantedge Advancement Initiative

  • Suraj Somaiah

    Suraj Somaiah

    Analyst (Programmes) at Quantedge Foundation (Singapore)

  • Xie Yao Quan

    Xie Yao Quan

    Chief Executive Officer at Quantedge Foundation (Singapore)

  • Yan Ru Tan

    Yan Ru Tan

    Vice-President (Programmes) at Quantedge Advancement Initiative

  • Ying Xin Yong

    Ying Xin Yong

    Analyst (Programmes) at Quantedge Foundation (Singapore)

  • Yun Ning Lee

    Yun Ning Lee

    Analyst (Programmes) at

  • Zee Wei Pern

    Zee Wei Pern

    Analyst (Programmes) at Quantedge Advancement Initiative

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