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The Stone Family Foundation was established in 2005 by John Stone and his wife, Vanessa, with the aim to help people out of poverty.

John is an entrepreneur with a successful 40-year career in financial services. His background as a venture philanthropist has been adopted in the business-like approach of the Foundation.

Our mission is to fund innovative, sustainable and entrepreneurial approaches to water and sanitation internationally, and to major social problems in the UK.

Our vision is to be a pioneering and disruptive influence, constantly in search of new and better ways to solve entrenched problems.

Water and Sanitation in the developing world forms 80% of our funding commitment, and we are one of the leading advocates of market-based solutions in this sector. Our UK portfolios on Mental Health and Disadvantaged Youth make up 20% of funding and have a different strategy.

Following a venture philanthropy approach in our WASH portfolio, we are an engaged funder, provide more than just finance (i.e. non-financial support) and also look to invest in the ecosystem in which enterprises operate.


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