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APAC Sustainability Seed Fund 2.0

Sustaining effort to scale up innovative technologies-led solutions in addressing climate change and sustainability issues in Asia Pacific Region


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Currently Accepting Expression of Interest until December 31, 2023

About the fund

By leveraging the success of the first round of the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund, AVPN continues to mobilise continuum of capital into supporting climate solutions in the region. APAC Sustainability Seed Fund 2.0 is a USD 5 Million catalytic initiative aimed at propelling innovative technology-led solutions that tackle the most pressing climate and sustainability challenges in the Asia Pacific region. 

Pressing challenges like escalating sea levels, environmental imbalances, and resource depletion in Asia Pacific demand urgent action. Technology emerges as a transformative force, offering innovative avenues to address these challenges.

With the support of Google.org and ADB as the strategic and outreach partner, AVPN will provide essential support to non-profit organisations that are at the forefront of driving change through sustainable innovation.

Support Offered

Selected grantees of the APAC Sustainability Seed Fund 2.0 will gain access to a comprehensive range of support, including:

  • Grant 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Capacity building 

We’re committed to nurturing and amplifying solutions that harness technology for climate adaptation and mitigation, ensuring a positive and lasting impact.

Impact Areas
That We Support

We are keen on partnering with non-profit organisations that focus on a range of impact areas, which includes but not limited to:

  • Renewable energy and decarbonisation 
  • Climate adaptation
  • Waste management and/or circular economy
  • Air quality 
  • Water preservation
  • Biodiversity protection

If your tech-led solution contributes to the sustainability of our planet and communities, we’re eager to hear from you.

Eligibility Criteria

Organisation Status



Expression of Interest (EOI) Submission Period*

*The Expression of Interest is a pre-screening step before the application process. Submitting an EOI does not automatically guarantee qualification for the formal application for the Sustainability Seed Fund. AVPN will inform selected organisations whether they may proceed to submit a formal application in December 2023.

22 NOVEMBER 2023

APAC SSF 2.0 Application Info Session 1

18 DECEMBER 2023

APAC SSF 2.0 Application Info Session 2

JANUARY 10 - FEBRUARY 19, 2024

Detailed Project Proposal Submission


Shortlisting and Evaluation

MAY 2024

Notification to Shortlisted Organisations

Final Selection and Grant Disbursement

Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately, this fund is specifically targeted at non-profit organisations operating within APAC. We believe that by focusing on this region, we can address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by its diverse climate landscapes.

Yes, local chapters of international non-profit organisations operating within the targeted markets are eligible to apply for the fund.

We are interested in a wide range of innovative solutions that leverage technology to address climate adaptation and mitigation challenges. This could encompass areas such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, smart water management, waste reduction and recycling, urban mobility solutions, climate data analytics, and more. We encourage diverse and creative approaches that contribute to a sustainable future.

Absolutely. We recognize that innovative solutions can often emerge from the integration of technology with traditional practices. If your project combines technology with existing methods to address climate challenges, we encourage you to submit your Expression of Interest.

The amount of funding provided will depend on various factors, including the scale, scope, and potential impact of the project. We are committed to providing strategic and substantial financial support that aligns with the project and organisation’s needs and its potential for creating positive change.

To ensure fairness and equal consideration, we kindly request that organisations submit only one project proposal per submission period. This allows us to thoroughly evaluate each proposal and provide equal opportunities to all applicants.

Absolutely. We welcome both innovative ideas and projects that are already in the implementation phase. However, your project proposal should outline clear goals, milestones, and the potential for scalability, showcasing how our support can take your project to the next level of impact.

While having minimum 1 (one) year prior experience in climate-related projects is beneficial, it is not a strict requirement. We value creative thinking and innovative approaches. If your project demonstrates a clear plan for addressing climate adaptation or mitigation challenges, we welcome your Expression of Interest.

Yes, projects that address multiple impact areas are welcomed. If your technology-led solution has the potential to create positive change across various sustainability dimensions, please outline how it addresses these areas in your Expression of Interest.

At this stage, aside from the online form for expression of interest, no other supporting documents are required. To complete the Expression of Interest, you are required to have your non-profit organisation verified through our Partner TechSoup’s Validation Services. Click here for instructions on getting validated through the TechSoup Portal.

Unfortunately, once a submission has been sent, modifications cannot be made. We encourage you to carefully review your submission to ensure it accurately represents your project.

Our evaluation process is thorough and transparent. All received applications will be reviewed and will undergo a comprehensive evaluation process by a panel of experts with a strong background in sustainability, technology, and climate action.

Collaboration is encouraged! If your project involves partnerships with other non-profit organisations, research institutions, or other stakeholders, please outline these collaborations in your submission. Collaborative efforts often enhance the potential impact and scalability of projects.

Once the final selection is made and the grant is awarded, we will work closely with the selected organisations to provide ongoing support, mentorship, and monitoring. Our goal is to ensure that your organisation achieves its full potential and makes a meaningful contribution to climate and sustainability in the Asia Pacific region.

After the submission deadline, our panel will review all submissions. Shortlisted organisations will be notified via email.

All code and intellectual property (IP) rights need to be under open source license. It means that all IP developed under the fund must comply with the Apache License 2.0 (Apache 2.0), and for other intellectual property it must comply with the international standard CC-BY-4.0.

[Apache 2.0 License]
This is a software-only license (educational programs, textbooks, etc. X). The institution must distribute the software developed through this fund to everyone, and if any user wants to use, modify, or distribute this software, it can be used without the permission of the institution.

Every creative commons without software (including books, contents, report) should follow this license. The institution must distribute the software developed through this fund to everyone, and if any user wants to use, modify, or distribute this content, users should give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.


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