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Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship

AVPN, with support from Schmidt Futures, is curating a fellowship programme to empower high-performing philanthropy advisors to further transformative social impact in the region.

Applications have closed. Programme starts in October 2022.

* Successful applicants will be notified via email


Philanthropy Advisory Fellowship

Asia Pacific now holds $218 trillion or 42% of total global wealth. It is in the midst of the largest transfer of wealth between first and second-generation wealth holders.

The rapid growth in affluence, coinciding with increasing inequality and multidimensional poverty, has created the primary context for Asian social investors to step up. The region’s problems are complex and systemic, requiring a collective action across disciplines, sectors and organisations.

This is why AVPN, a network of social investors working to mobilise capital for impact, is partnering with Schmidt Futures to grow and support the talent of philanthropy advisors in this region to achieve more transformative impact through their philanthropic investments.


Programme Highlights

A first of its kind, this programme seeks to support those who are in a position to influence and direct philanthropic capital for impact. Over six months, participants will learn from those at the cutting edge of philanthropy in Asia-Pacific, and be exposed to the latest innovations in the space.

They will have opportunities to connect with experts across the philanthropy ecosystem, learn how to scale impact and manage risks across their portfolios, and how to identify market opportunities that have a multiplier effect across different levels of society.

This is a hybrid programme involving a mix of virtual and in-person convenings, including a funded retreat in Singapore.

The programme is supported by Schmidt Futures - a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt that brings talented people together in networks to prove out their ideas and solve hard problems in science and society - to support content development and to build more opportunities for collective action.

Programme starts in October 2022.


Who should join this programme?

Independent philanthropy advisors or those supporting family offices in deploying in excess of USD 1 million in philanthropic capital per year to address some of the hard problems in science and society.


Programme Benefits

Through the fellowship program, participants will have access to a community of philanthropic advisors and practitioner insights for mentorship and professional development, alongside with the opportunity to share best practices and potential funding prospects across the community. Fellows will also be invited to an in-person retreat to connect with peers.

Furthermore, there will be opportunities to have access to first look opportunities for collective philanthropic action together with Schmidt Futures, including access to special Schmidt Futures’ events and webinars.

As part of the Alumni Programming, participants will also see opportunities for potential partnership and collaborations among their peers.

Improving Practices and Approaches

Access to community and networks

In-Person Retreat

Access to Schmidt Futures and AVPN events and webinars

Funding Prospects, Partnerships and Collaborations

Alumni programming

Programme Overview

During the programme, you will develop and enhance your approaches and understanding in strategic capital deployment for philanthropic giving and funding opportunities.

In the post-fellowship period, you will continue to have opportunities to engage with your fellows to share ideas for clients, impact portfolios and funding opportunities.


Fellowship Programme

11 OCTOBER 2022 (1.5 HOURS)

10:00 am SGT/GMT+8

Induction and Kickoff Event

19 OCTOBER 2022, (1 x 'live' online session, 3 hours)

9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

Module 1: From Challenges to Frontier Innovations: Philanthropic Giving in Asia

The module is designed to provide fellows with a global and regional perspective about the key challenges, opportunities and frontier innovations for giving. At the end of the session, they will gain a wider and deeper appreciation for the philanthropic landscape they are working within, and develop their own takeaways helpful for guiding and directing their principals, clients and philanthropists in general.

Post-session discussion: 1 x 'live' online session, 1.5 hours, 27 october 2022, 9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

16 November 2022, (1 x 'live' online session, 3 hours)

9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

Module 2: Big Bet Philanthropy & Innovative Funding Models

This module introduces the fellows to innovative funding models in the philanthropic space, how they are structured and discuss “successful” cases (e.g. pooled funds, pay-for-success, Blended etc). At the end of this module, fellows will be able to identify models they can introduce and pursue with their clients and principals.

Post-session discussion: 1 x 'live' online session, 1.5 hours, 24 November 2022, 9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

11 January 2023 (1 x 'live' online session, 3 hours)

9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

Module 3: Deep-dive on Collaborative Funds

Following module 2, this session will provide a deeper dive on funding models and how collaborative endeavours with other funders could be explored, managed and executed.

Post-session discussion: 1 x 'live' online session, 1.5 hours, 19 January 2023, 9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

15 February 2023 (1 x 'live' online session, 3 hours)

9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

Module 4: Pipeline of Deals: Theory of Change and Due Diligence Alignment

This module deep dives into the thought process behind due diligence and how it aligns with your theory of change. The session also includes a mutual learning session between fellows and impact organisations where there will be a candid and honest sharing of views on the challenges and expectations in the philanthropy space.


Post-session discussion: 1 x 'live' online session, 1.5 hours, 23 February 2023,9:00 AM SGT/GMT+8

March 2023 (3 days, 2 nights), third week

In-Person Funded Convening

The 3 Days 2 Nights in-person convening (retreat) will be a culminating activity held in Singapore to connect with fellows.  

Important note:

All session dates and module details will be finalised in consultation with confirmed Fellows and may be subject to further revision.

the facilitators

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Arnil Paras

Head, Academy


Dien S. Yuen

Managing Director  

Kordant Philanthropy Advisors


Executive Director 

Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact,

The American College of

Financial Services

Tom Pedersen

Founder and CEO

BentoBox Innovation, Ltd

Roshini Prakash

Chief Knowledge Officer



Frequently Asked Questions

The programme starts in October 2022.

The entire programme spans 6 months.

USD 1500 (AVPN Member); USD 2500 (non-AVPN Member)

To ensure opportunities for as many qualified participants as possible, each organisation will be able to nominate only one representative. This will help to keep the overall group size and discussions manageable.
There will be no refunds. Please make sure your schedule will allow you to participate for the full duration.