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Social Enterprise Development Toolkit


About SE Development Toolkit

Together with partners Credit Suisse and Village Capital, the Social Enterprise Development Toolkit was established to help build the capacity of social enterprises. As we move on to developing the toolkit further, we are seeking the input of investors and resource providers, as yourself

We invite you to take the assessment from your point of view and tell us what is missing, how can we make it more relevant for you.

Village Capital


Introducing the Social Enterprise Development Toolkit

An online platform that can help you and your social enterprise establish a common language. Together with your social enterprise, identify challenges or gaps and tap into resources that will help them become investment ready. Watch this demo to find out how.


Building a Common Language Between Founders and Funders to Help Scale

Experience the Toolkit

Generate Self-Awareness

about where your organisation is along the VIRAL matrix and identify your organisation’s strengths and weakness

Articulate Your Level

of investment readiness efficiently with potential investors leading to more productive conversations.

Recommended Resources

that will help in strengthening your capabilities to manage the gaps towards being investment ready.

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