AVPN December 2015 Webinar recording- Maximizing Social Impact: Grant Making with a Gender Lens

Men and women are often impacted differently and disproportionately by social issues such as poverty, health, domestic violence or education. Gender lies at the heart of these differences. Funders aiming to maximize the impact of their grant making must consider the impact of gender on their target population in the context of the issues being addressed.

In this webinar, Dasra will discuss the big ideas that emerged from its recently published whitepaper:Insight: why grant-making in India needs a Gender Lens. The whitepaper is a partnership between Dasra and USAID, which draws on research and interviews with funders and non-profits to answer why and how to use a gender lens. Dasra will also provide a brief commentary on the extent to which a gender lens is being currently applied, based on a survey of over 300 non-profits in India.

Speakers from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Aangan Trust will also join the conversation to discuss the importance, practical implications and challenges of incorporating a gender lens from their first hand experience as funders and non-profits.

The webinar recording is available here: