AVPN March 2015 Webinar Recording: Managing Exits – What is your exit plan?

With ten years of practice behind them, venture philanthropy and social investment organisations are starting to build valuable experience on exits. Building on those learnings and insights, the EVPA Knowledge Centre shared best practices on exits collected in the recent report “How to plan and execute an impactful exit” and Ferd Social Entrepreneurs shared their experience managing exits.

The webinar addressed issues related to exit planning and management as well as how to sustain the social impact you have helped to create once your partnership ends.

About the Speakers:

Priscilla Boiardi is the Knowledge Center Research Manager at EVPA. Priscilla has more than 6 years of research experience, first as a Research Associate at the Vlerick Business School and then as a PhD candidate at the Catholic University of Leuven. She has a strong expertise in research for business and public bodies, both qualitative and quantitative, and was responsible for the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum for Belgium. During her years as a researcher, Priscilla had the opportunity to present her work to policy makers, fellow academics and practitioners.

Øyvind Sandvold holds the position of Director of Business Development at Ferd Social Entrepreneurs (FSE). He works with the board of directors and the management team of the social enterprises in FSEs portfolio in order to help them with business development in the broader sense. Øyvind has been working in business development for the past 15-20 years, in the pharmaceutical industry and as a consultant in several other industries. He also held the position of Industrial Professor in Project Management at the Norwegian School of Management for several years.



 Presentation Slides:
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