Building Resilient Communities through Sustainable Agri-based Livelihoods

Building Resilient Communities through Sustainable Agri-based Livelihoods

Sustainable livelihoods in the agriculture sector, in times of climate change, is a daunting challenge faced by emerging economies like India. The collapse of the agriculture ecosystem would mean collapse of the food system hence it is important for agriculture development in India to be supported through a sustainable approach. An effective investment strategy is to make the farming communities resilient by building their capacity. Using Agriculture Extension to strengthen the communities has shown to greatly improve farmer productivity. There are enough employment and welfare programs run by the Indian government. There is a need to collaborate for last-mile efficiencies.

AVPN members Axis Bank Foundation and Dr. Reddy’s Foundation are working on the same lines for improving the lives of millions of smallholding farmers. Listen to them share their experiences and learnings.

The webinar:

  • Throwed light on key elements of community institutions to ensure community participation and ownership at each stage of agri-based sustainable livelihoods.
  • Throwed light on approaches to work in tandem with the government and national priorities.
  • Shared insights into the use of ‘Agriculture Extension’ in improving agriculture returns for low-income farmers.

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