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Aung Si Aung Si

7 Min Read

Hear from Maha – one of Myanmar’s 176 licensed Microfinance Institutions – who is investing in smallholder farmers. Here are 3 lessons they have gained.

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Nicolas Delange Nicolas Delange

3 min read

At the AVPN Myanmar Social Impact Forum, themed “Accelerating Social Impact”, a group of social investors and key ecosystem players shared new trends, opportunities, and challenges within the evolving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement.

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Anh Nguyen Anh Nguyen

A user-friendly guide to maximise the potential of our recently launched interactive, decision-making toolkit to Asia’s social investment.

Are you a new or seasoned social investor? Or a resource provider looking for potential partners? Benefit from the toolkit here!

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Klaus Oberbauer Klaus Oberbauer

5 min read

At the AVPN-Impact Hub Yangon Myanmar Speaker Series, social investors and entrepreneurs gathered to discuss what it takes to become investment-ready.

Find out how you can leverage on key gap areas to build a community of highly engaged stakeholders in Myanmar.

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