Measuring Social Mission

Impact Assessment

Measuring the outputs and outcomes of a social mission is crucial to understand how and if social missions are achieved. While there are now an abundance of tools and frameworks for impact assessment, the conversation between funders and social purpose organisation is the foundation for measuring impact. In this conversation, parameters such as the nature of the social cause and how it can be measured, the criteria that could be selected, whether the assessment should be customised and/or standardised and finally what is the purpose of the impact assessment and what actions follow different results are being discussed.


We found that the basis of impact assessment is to understand audience and motivation as well as conceptualise how change is supposed to be achieved in the theory of change or logic model. Another crucial point is the selection of indicators. Next to the conceptual choices, we found that social investors also need to consider practical issues such as how much time is required, how much staff and budget, how to implement impact measurement and how to present results.

Answers to these questions can be found in our Guide to Effective Impact Assessment as below.

We also conducted workshops in Singapore, Jakarta and Delhi.

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A Guide to Effective Impact Assessment

Case Studies

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