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Support India's poorest communities in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

From medical institutions and small businesses to slum dwellers and labourers, India is in dire need of immediate relief and medical resources. Meet the 1st wave of emergency asks by providing:

  • Immediate relief e.g. medical resources
  • Financial support
  • Knowledge on the ground
  • Technological innovations to reach last mile communities

Committed AVPN Members:

  • Temasek Foundation is sending 30,000 testing kits to India
  • Raintree Foundation has pledged USD 19,800 to be distributed on a case-by-case needs basis to beneficiaries. They have also contributed USD 2600 to procure and distribute masks.

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AVPN Gotong Royong Movement

AVPN Gotong Royong is a movement towards integrated collaboration, in which AVPN connects parties who have similar interests in addressing rising COVID-19 issues mainly focusing on Health and Safety, Employability Livelihoods, and Education.

Engage with us if you are:

  1. Driving initiatives on the ground and would like more support from the AVPN network, or
  2. Ready to commit resources to help the less privileged.

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Help feed families from the poorest of the poor in Greater Metro Manila

Help feed families from the poorest of the poor in Greater Metro Manila Support the “Project Ugnayan” initiative in providing food and other basic necessities for Filipinos who are unable to make a living during this time of crisis.

Resources needed: Funding

Php1.5 billion was raised by the top 20 business groups in the Philippines, including AVPN members ABS-CBN/Lopez Group, Jollibee and PLDT.

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COVID-19 Asia

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