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Fostering Glocal Denizenship in Asia with innovative pedagogies and training networks.



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The Beautiful Store Foundation

The Beautiful Store was established to contribute to environmentally friendly changes in society and support marginalized people both home and abroad.

Market of Implementation

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Thailand


Education matters because it impacts shaping one’s perspective. 2030 Global education agenda has two-tracks: Education for Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship Education. This project focuses on the latter, the Global Citizenship Education. The term, citizenship, is unexpectedly exclusive. In this liquid tendency of society with migration, voluntary and involuntary displacement, there are many actors that the term, citizenship, cannot include. Unintended exclusion happens at this gap and it creates fora where social discrimination is regarded as okay. PEACEMOMO sees this niche as a very decisive spot to tackle as a social entrepreneur involving in social innovation through education.


PEACEMOMO suggests Glocal Denizenship Learning, the educational paradigm shift, as a solution to the given problem. When we imagine “Global”, it is not rare to skip the local context. When we unintentionally delete the local, the ambitious goal of ‘global citizenship’ becomes certainly superficial. For example, you grieve for the death from the ongoing conflict in Syria. However you are against the migration law because you don’t want the refugees from the Middle-East as your neighbors because you’re terrified with the potential terrorist. This anxiety creates discrepancies in our beliefs and deeds and the discrepancies on daily life beget disintegration among the global. The Glocal Denizenship Learning is designed to face the existing conflict and dissonance, to ask the learner to reflect on the interconnectedness and intersectionality of the beings on the globe, and to question on the anthropocentrism by addressing the denizenship of the other non-human beings.

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