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Yaowawit School Kapong

Yaowawit School Kapong is a safe haven for orphaned, neglected and abused children. It pledges to provide excellent life skills education, helping children to become open-minded, confident, caring, and happy human beings.


Yaowawit School

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Khon Thai Foundation

The Khon Thai Foundation is a social purpose organization that emphasizes upon the development of platforms enabling stakeholdersto be active on social issues.

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  • Thailand


Yaowawit is home to orphaned, neglected, abused, abandoned or trafficked children who often arrive with health and developmental problems. They were deprived of the nurturing family environment that teaches children about communication, social skills and personal hygiene. They did not receive a balanced diet or proper medical care leading to many becoming malnourished. Some have even suffered permanent physical disabilities due to improper infantile care.

Here at Yaowawit, we have created a sanctuary for our children to learn, grow and thrive in. Unfortunately, most of our teachers have no real experience in running a business or the organization of vocational education.


At Yaowawit, not only do we provide them with a high-quality education, a balanced diet and medical care, we also provide them with a home. Under our care, the children learn how to play, make friends and have fun. We teach our children about social and personal skills including team work, empathy, self-discipline, personal responsibility and self-confidence. The children love and care for each other as though we were one big family.

We empower our children. We believe in the potential of each child to break free of their pasts and reach their goals. Each child, who now broke free from poverty, will influence their own families and communities in the future--improving the lives of everyone.

With regards to our capacity to run the foundation more effectively, Yaowawit Kapong has decided to professionalize its life skill education programs and be the first school in Thailand to introduce Pre-Vocational Education as an education model. Yaowawit is running a small hospitality training operation, the Yaowawit Lodge, and an agricultural training operation, the Yaowawit Farm. Students from Kindergarten to Secondary School are involved in both - out of school - life skills education operations. They do not only help there, but they learn through hands-on experience on social entrepreneurial businesses. The school has always worked with the experts, but now decided to enter into partnership with expert organizations to secure the best experiences possible for the children and establish a model for Pre-Vocational Education for interested schools and businesses in Thailand.

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