Self-Sustaining Kelp Forest Restoration

Urchinomics Impact Kyushu

Urchinomics Impact Kyushu (UIK, via Urchinomics) makes kelp forest and ecosystem restoration a financially self-sustaining activity. UIK specifically targets ecologically destructive sea urchins that overgraze kelp forests that turn coastal ecosystems into lifeless, desert-like barrens. The urchins are then re-homed in our land-based aquaculture systems, fed a sustainably sourced feed for 6 - 12 weeks, and transformed into "uni". By removing the urchins from the sea floor, we help kelp forests recover in as short as 3 months, which in turn improves marine biomass, marine biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and protects the ocean from acidification and the coasts from erosion. The ranched sea urchins are then sold to distributors and restaurants, with revenues being reinvested back into urchin removal and kelp restoration efforts.

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