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NPI is an aggregation of several NGO Supporting organizations which operate with contributions, both financial and otherwise, from international and domestic charity foundations, government agencies, enterprises and academies. Since its establishment in Jan 2006, NPI has worked to promote social innovation and cultivate social entrepreneurs in China by granting crucial support to start-up and small to medium sized NGOs and Social Enterprises. In past 6 years, NPI initiates and operates several innovative programs such as ‘Non-Profit Incubator’, ‘Community Service Platform’, ‘Venture Philanthropy Fund and competition’, ‘Shanghai Untied Foundation’ and ‘Social Innovation Park’ etc. in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen. Up to now, NPI already incubated more than 60 excellent start-up NGOs and social enterprises, provides capacity building programs to hundreds of social entrepreneurs.NPI has over 100 full time employees in 4 cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen with annual budget around RMB 23 million. Besides our own operating costs, NPI also acting as a fund raising platform, channel through more than 50 million in past 6 years to support the development of over 300 grassroots NGOs and social enterprises.

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The team at Non-Profit Incubator

  • Hu Zheng

    Hu Zheng

    Client Manager

    Non-Profit Incubator

  • Jie Chen

    Jie Chen

    Senior Manager of Brand and Cooperative Development

  • Ding Li

    Ding Li

    Vice President

    Non-Profit Incubator

  • Zhao Lv

    Zhao Lv

    Founder CEO

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