Global Survey on funders – Philanthropy in Motion

PIM ( provides a platform that connects donors and funders worldwide to support social purpose organizations, including NGOs and social enterprises. We are in the process of designing an interactive technology product that will improve transparency in the philanthropic sector, streamlining not only access to information about but also interaction with social purpose organizations. Please spend 10-15 minutes to fill out our online survey, so that we can better understand as well as satisfy your needs. Thank you!

PIM ( 是一个连接世界各地的捐赠者/投资者和公益组织和社会企业的慈善平台,我们正在做一个公益机构与捐赠者和其他利益攸关方信息共享的需求调查,用于开发设计能够最佳满足这些需求的应用软件。烦请您花10-15分钟完成这份调查问卷。非常感谢!