The Art and Science of Effective Giving: workshop wrap-up


September 8, 2012

Drawing from case studies and his experience at one of the world’s foremost change-making institutions, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lowell Weiss engaged with participants on the Art and Science of Effective Giving in 3 Asian cities between 23rd and 27th July. The workshop explored innovative approaches to Philanthropy, outlined Principles and Practices of Effective Giving and helped participants develop the frameworks to think and act in new impactful ways for social good.A total of 69 participants from AVPN member and non-member organisations attended the workshops and there was an even distribution of philanthropists, as well as senior staff from Foundations, the private sector and Social Purpose Organisations. This audience diversity added to the rich dialog on effective giving; it underscored the importance of funders being strategic in their philanthropic plans and at the same time, Social Purpose Organisations having an active role to play in helping funders grow in their philanthropic journey.The post workshop feedback indicated that most participants had tangible takeaways in the form of principles and practices of Effective Giving that they can apply in their respective organisations. There was also a desire to explore additional Asian case studies, which AVPN will seek to incorporate into future workshops.Many thanks to our partners The Family Business Network Asia, The East West Centre, The University of Hong Kong and Keio University in making this workshop series a success across Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.Soft copies of the material covered during the workshop can be found in the AVPN Resources section.Lowell Weiss Lowell covering Principles and Practices of Effective GivingJames Chen at workshopSharing a family foundation’s philanthropic journey with the audience.