AVPN June Webinar: Innovative strategies for scaling health care in low-resource settings

Health systems around the world struggle to balance affordability, quality, and access to care. In many low- and middle-income countries, urgent health needs within resource-challenged settings drive the development of promising new technologies and models of care, especially health innovations that embody frugality – the ability to do more, with less, for many.

In this webinar Dr. Krishna Udayakumar, Executive Director of Innovations in Healthcare, will describe the organization’s approach to scouting and curating the best healthcare innovatorsglobally, strengthening their ability to scale impact, and supporting the adaptation of proven models into new contexts.

The webinar focused on

  • Innovations in Healthcare’s work across Asia, including learnings from working in India and Southeast Asia
  • Growing efforts in Singapore to support payment and delivery innovations to address key health challenges
  • Interesting trends in technology, investment, and strategies to address chronic diseases