AVPN October Webinar: Leveraging Data to Build Future-Ready Indian Cities

India’s unprecedented urbanization has outpaced the country’s ecosystem building growth, causing drastic inequality across the land. There is a need to make cities more inclusive and responsive to change by identifying quantifiable and measurable challenges. Therefore, data collection needs to translate into useful insights for knowledge and product development. With the help of government agencies, private organizations, and communities, key performance areas and indicators have to be identified and matrices designed.

In this webinar, we heard from AVPN partner, Tata Trusts and member Ajooni Impact Investors Pvt. Ltd (IPE Global), who are using data to make Indian cities future ready on a systemic level. The webinar has:

  • Assessed key performance areas to formulate matrices for city development and governance
  • Guided participants along the process of populating open data portal
  • Shared experiences, lessons learnt, and challenges from operationalising Government of India’s Open Data Mandate in cities with a case study from Pune City