AVPN November 2014 Webinar: Social Investing in India


AVPN members Ennovent and the Artha Platform will together provide a landscape overview of some of the outstanding opportunities available to those who wish to get started in social investing in India; they will highlight key challenges and pitfalls to look out for and will also share an insider view for international investors in this first part of the India series.

When? 6th November 2014, 4pm Singapore time

Register at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/692036278436062465

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Past webinar:S3On October 7th, Yulanda Chung, Standard Chartered’s Head of Development Impact shared with us Standard Chartered‘s reasons for commissioning a series of independent socio-economic impact reports on the bank’s lending activities, the key findings and the strategic decisions that have been made as a result of these studies.

Standard Chartered’s management wanted to have a better understanding of the bank’s impact in the economies and societies where they operate. They also wanted to have concrete evidence to showcase the social usefulness of the banking sector in the society in order to gain trust in the markets where they operate. The studies were conducted by an independent third party using an input-output model and the focus was on the bank’s lending activities impact on GDP income, household income and tax income.

The impact findings recommended increasing Standard Chartered’s lending to SMEs as well as providing technical assistance to business entrepreneurs in the areas of financial education. Since the completion of the studies, Standard Chartered has decided to increase the SME lending by 45% and also provide technical assistance to 1000 entrepreneurs from 10 countries in the next 10 years so that they can become financially savvy.

The webinar recording and powerpoint presentation are available on the following link.

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