Deal Share FAQ

Deal Share Bridging Social Investments

Deal Share streamlines communications on prospective funding and collaboration opportunities for AVPN members* on investable deals. It provides connections in a targeted manner, and channel members’ resources strategically to develop Social Purpose Organisations** (SPOs) towards investment readiness through the Deal Share Platform and Deal Share Live sessions.

*AVPN members refer to our funder and resource provider network. We generally refer to organisations listed on the DSP or Deal Share Live alumni as Deal Share SPOs. **Social purpose organisations refer to organizations ( ie for-profit social enterprises (SEs), not for-profit organisations (NPOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charities, etc) whose mandate is to deliver social and/or environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

AVPN Member:
  • Identify deals of interest to you on the Deal Share Platform and connect with the SPO for possible funding or capacity support.
  • Endorse your SPOs to be listed on the Deal Share Platform. More on endorsing deals as an AVPN member below.
  • List accessible resources available for social enterprise development on the Social Enterprise Development Toolkit here. Resources can be in the form of financial support (grants, debt) or non-financial support (accelerator programmes, toolkits, technical assistance etc.). Learn more about the toolkit here.
  • Partner with Deal Share for AVPN Conference and other in-market activities. Get in touch with us at if you have active campaigns/programmes and are looking for quality projects to collaborate with.
Social Purpose Organisation:
  • List your deal on the Deal Share Platform (DSP) and gain enhanced visibility to the AVPN member network. More on the deal listing endorsement criteria and how you can list your deals below.
  • Opportunity to participate in Deal Share Live events and access social investment insights. More on Deal Share Live events below.
  • Collaborate with other SPOs on the DSP.
  • Access recommended resources according to your level of investment readiness, through the Social Enterprise Development Toolkit here. Take the test to find out where you are!
  • Browse all of the 250+ resources from AVPN member organisations here that covers grant programmes, competitions, insights, toolkits, consultancy/advisory services, technical assistance programmes and more.
  • List the project from an SPO that you have supported previously or are currently supporting to help them receive additional resources by getting them to complete this submission form. Support refers to both financial and non-financial capital.
  • Search for SPOs that have been endorsed by other AVPN Members to grow your pipeline of deals and increase their social impact through your support. How to use the DSP: Click here for a demo video. To search for an SPO, you can use the filters at the top of the Deal Share page to sort by various interest areas.
  • Notify the Deal Share team if there is interest in a deal.
  • Reach out to SPOs and their respective AVPN member endorsers directly using the AVPN Connector, a messaging function accessible through all user profiles.
  • Identify if you are eligible to list on the Deal Share Platform. Key criteria is that you must have at least one AVPN member endorsing your project. Look through the AVPN member list here.
  • Submit your project or organisation information.If you are eligible to list: Complete this submission form to get your project or organisation to be listed on the DSP indicating the identified AVPN endorsing member and contact details of the person you have been liaising with in the form. You will not have to contact them directly as the team will do all necessary follow-ups with the member thereafter and verify submitted information before publishing it onto the DSP.SPOs may also choose to submit more than one project to be listed on the DSP.
  • Refer to this sample deal in your preparation for the submission. This sample deal guides you in structuring your project for maximum effectiveness.
  • Use this PDF version of the form for reference of the questions asked prior to filling up the online form.*Note: AVPN Deal Share does not provide any due-diligence support for deals listed on the DSP.
  • To be listed on the Deal Share Platform, Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) will require an AVPN member to endorse their project on the DSP.
  • To be eligible as an endorser, the AVPN member should have provided financial and/or non-financial support to the SPO, and also be equipped with a good understanding of the SPO.
  • The endorsing member and its contact person will appear on the SPO page.
  • Note that if you are submitting a deal as an AVPN member, you cannot endorse your own project and would require another AVPN member for the endorsement.

Complementing the Deal Share Platform, the AVPN Deal Share Live (link to DSL landing) sessions serves to showcase high impact projects across the APAC region that are supported by our members to the wider community at signature as well as more intimate, curated experiences.

  • Participate in online and offline experiences that aim to carve out opportunities for collective action to surface ground-breaking solutions.
  • Deepen understanding on the overall landscape, investable pipelines and resource pipelines through hearing first-hand about implementation work on the ground.
  • Explore collaborative partnerships through in-person interactions or real-time online engagement with SPOs, grant-funders, impact investors and other possible partners in the region.
  • Identify resources, connections and support that can help propel capital towards impact.
AVPN members fund across the spectrum from non-profit organisations to social enterprises and provide financial, human and intellectual capital. Financial support includes:
  • Grant
  • Equity
  • Convertible Debt
  • Loan
  Non-financial support includes:
  • Strategy and Operations Consulting
  • Mentorship
  • Capability Development
  • Access to Networks
  • Professional Services (e.g. Accounting, Legal)
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Fundraising Advice
  Much of the resources provided by our members and partners are also available to browse under Deal Share Resources.
  • Read more about how we are supporting SPOs with their operational challenges through partnering with Cross Fields on their Corporate Volunteering programme.
  • Read more about how we are working to bridge the gap between investors and social entrepreneurs by building a common language framework on investment readiness that social enterprises are actively using.
  • Read more about how we are supporting SPOs with their legal needs and operational challenges through partnering with Trust Law Pro Bono legal programme.
Since Deal Share Platform is a Member-Only platform, only AVPN members will be able to see the full details of the deals. The deal page will be visible across our 600+ wide AVPN member network. In the event of an SPO presenting at a Deal Share Live event, their deal page will be made public to all audiences for a limited period of time where their profile will be linked across the DSP as well as Deal Share Live event webpages to increase visibility. *Note: By proceeding with the Deal Share Platform submission, you are giving consent to AVPN to collect and use your organisational and personal data for the purposes of and in accordance with AVPN’s Data Protection Policy.

Unless otherwise specified, deals will be listed until the round of funding closes or non-financial support has been met. It is suggested to update the deals every 6 months or when there are specific milestones achieved.

When you have updates to your deal information or if your funding/non-financial requirements change, SPOs will be required to fill out this form. Indicating and filling out only sections on the Deal Page that require updates.

In short, AVPN does not manage the programmes/projects that are listed on the DSP and would not be able to guarantee a match. What we aim to achieve is ecosystem building through facilitating meaningful connections:

    • Member SPO; Connect AVPN members with SPOs whose projects require further resources to scale and to operate sustainably. We do this through providing members with landscape knowledge and insights on SPOs’ activities, which allows us to help members identify, shortlist and connect with quality projects that are relevant to their specific areas of work.
      •  Read here and here, about how Deal Share facilitates targeted connections between AVPN members and SPOs that result in fruitful partnerships to scale impactful projects.
      •  Listen to what our partners and SPO community are saying about the work that we do.
    • SPO SPO; SPOs can also be connected with other SPOs to explore collaboration opportunities, especially if they operate within the same sector and/or when they would like to scale to different markets. Reach out to any member of the team and we will be happy to make those introductions for you!