AVPN Webinar: Insights and Considerations for Investing in Climate Responsible Water Solutions – An Industry and Investor Perspective

Less than 1% of water sources on earth is available for human consumption. Water scarcity is amongst the most serious and threatening issues facing the world today, jeopardizing our food and water security systems, destabilizing agricultural economies and communities, and reversing decades of developmental progress overall. As the effects of climate change become stronger, these challenges will be further exacerbated.

Improving awareness and knowledge around the water investment and solutions landscape is critical. While some early movers have already created an impact with their investments, now is the opportunity to broaden the knowledge and learning of water investment among a larger set of practitioners.

AVPN Climate Action Platform will host its second webinar about mobilising capital at the nexus of climate and water. We will showcase examples from AVPN members active in water investments, sustainable water management practices and industrial technological revolutions.

This webinar:

  • Enabled funders to understand causes and probable impacts of climate change on water resources and how the interlinkages and prospects for climate action can address these challenges
  • Featured industry’s key players providing invaluable insights and overviews on their funding of sustainable water management systems
  • Showcased innovative water management solutions and strategies needed to help manage water more sustainably and solve our global climate and water challenges

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