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About the AVPN Climate Action Platform

AVPN serves the full spectrum of social investors ensuring the full breath of capital is mobilized to support social purpose organizations.

The Climate Action Platform was born from the recognition of the need for not only covering the breath of investment approaches, but also the need for in depth work in social causes. AVPN is taking this opportunity to be the catalyst and use its unique convening power to mobilize its members and resources to move more capital to fight climate change.

The platform will be the leading voice for fighting climate change and will bring together the widest possible range of stakeholders to collectively develop the scale, support and investment for solutions on climate action.

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In Partnership with BRACE

BRACE has worked for over 15 years to protect natural ecosystems from human destruction and address the climate and extinctions crisis. Their current focus is on green house gas emissions reduction and nature-based sequestration projects that have scalable impacts in a timeframe that matches the urgency of the global emergency.

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