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Climate Member Eco-System

List of members

List of members

World’s first venture capital fund addressing Asia’s plastic pollution crisis. US$106M financing start-ups and SMEs that prevent plastic from leaking into the ocean and advance the circular economy in South and Southeast Asia. Looking to scale companies that turn used plastic into a new, reusable resource, fast-tracking the transition to a circular economy.
If you are raising capital for a company that you believe meets our criteria and approach, please apply for funding on our website:

List of members

List of members

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What members want to achieve in AVPN Climate Action Platform

In Partnership with BRACE

BRACE has worked for over 15 years to protect natural ecosystems from human destruction and address the climate and extinctions crisis. Their current focus is on green house gas emissions reduction and nature-based sequestration projects that have scalable impacts in a timeframe that matches the urgency of the global emergency.

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In Partnership with SEED

SEED was founded in 2002 by UN Environment, UNDP and IUCN as a global partnership for action on sustainable development and the green economy. It works directly with growing enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs in Enterprise Support programmes to strategise, optimise and award achievements in eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.

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In Partnership with GIIN

The GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) focuses on reducing barriers to impact investment so more investors can allocate capital to fund solutions to the world’s most intractable challenges. We do this by building critical infrastructure and developing activities, education and research that help accelerate the development of a coherent impact investing industry.
GIIN created the impact measurement tool IRIS+ to make it easier for investors to translate their impact intentions into impact results.

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Climate Engagement Partner for India

The India Climate Collaborative is a first-of-its kind, India-focused collaborative that seeks to direct funding and visibility towards climate action in India. It is supported by some of the largest India’s leading philanthropies and business groups . The ICC seeks to build a collaborative platform for diverse voices, innovative solutions, and collective investments. Mandated to amplify and spread local solutions, it will inspire and connect governments, businesses, impact investors, research institutions, scientists, and civil society to work together to solve India’s climate crisis with the support of the international climate community.

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