AVPN October 2014 Webinar: Linking socio-economic impact measurement and business strategy – Standard Chartered’s unique model

The private sector, corporations or foundations alike, are looking for ways to link impact and strategy – using socio-economic impact data to inform the selection of social causes to support, or to identify business models to streamline operations and client offering. This could also be conducted for the purpose of informing dialogue with their respective stakeholders or to strengthen their reputation. Making this link, let alone a causal relationship, is not straightforward, and there is a need for companies to share best practices.Yulanda Chung, Standard Chartered’s Head of Development Impact shared with us Standard Chartered’s reasons for commissioning a series of independent socio-economic impact reports on the bank’s lending activities, the key findings and the strategic decisions that have been made as a result of these studies.

Here is the webinar recording:

Powerpoint Presentation: