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July 18, 2017

InTheKnow: Types of social investing

Social investing is an umbrella term for providing finance to the social enterprise sector using multiple instruments and methodologies to seek social and financial returns. Social investing dates back to 1758, when the the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) prohibited its members from participating in the slave trade. Modern social investing evolved with the political […]

The Edge Markets
July 18, 2017

4 ways B Corp certification is driving Impact-Business Models in Asia

The B Corp movement has reached Singapore’s shores and could help companies based in the city-state become more inclusive and sustainable. AVPN’s Amanda Kee explains how certification helps the adoption of Impact-Business Models and why it matters. At the recent AVPN Conference held in Bangkok, a conversation that was – and, is still – alit with […]

July 14, 2017

Social Investment as Vehicle to Achieve SDGs: Examples from AVPN’s Social Investment Landscape in Asia

Following the recent Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Conference in Bangkok, the largest gathering of social investors in Asia, AVPN launches its latest research The Social Investment Landscape in Asia. The ground-breaking report serves as a guide for social investors to maximize their impact whether they are philanthropists, impact investors, or corporations engaged in CSR. As efforts […]

SDG Philanthropy Forum
July 6, 2017

Melihat Potensi Social Entrepreneurship di Indonesia

Mulai dari popularitas crowdfunding dan crowdlending, hingga tantangannya bagi pengusaha dan investor.

DailySocial ID
July 6, 2017

Opportunities for Social Investment in Asia Exposed in AVPN Study

Asia’s tradition of religious giving and increasing wealth is being channelled into a growing movement towards social investing among the wealthy and family offices, new research finds. Countries with a legacy of wealth, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, saw family foundations take a more prominent role in strategic philanthropy, according toThe Social Investment Landscape […]

campden FB
July 3, 2017

Impact investment

In the past, giving back to society was a fairly simple process: write a cheque, give away some used supplies such as toys and clothes, perhaps start a food drive. But it would usually stop there. After the money and other supplies were given, few donors — if any — would follow up to ensure their […]

Bangkok Post
July 3, 2017

Better to give …

Asians are generous by nature when it comes to donating to worthy causes. Religious giving is mostly informal but is often the starting point for philanthropy on a broader scale in Taiwan, China, India, Myanmar, Singapore and other countries. In Malaysia and Indonesia, religious giving through zakat is widespread and often forms the largest pool […]

Bangkok Post
June 30, 2017

Asia gets wise to ‘art of giving’

BANGKOK — When the head of a Chinese charity spoke at a conference on Asian philanthropy in June, he struck a positive chord in the ballroom of a Bangkok hotel because of his charity’s record of doling out millions of dollars for worthy causes such as supporting poor students. Chinese delegates applauded as Lei Yong […]

Nikkei Asian Review
June 28, 2017

Seven things we learned from the AVPN Landscape reports

The AVPN conference this month saw more than 700 attendees convene over three days to collaborate and share knowledge. During the conference, AVPN presented two wide-ranging reports that sought to provide an overview of the philanthropy and social investment landscape in Asia as a guide for social investors to opportunities in the region. Given the vast geography and […]

Pioneers Post
June 26, 2017

How China’s social enterprises can prosper alongside the country’s state-run businesses

Li Ding This article is part of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2017 Globally, the consensus about social enterprise is that this new type of organization, possessing both social purpose and business traits, and combining innovation with entrepreneurship, can play an important role in poverty alleviation. It can also enhance participation and capacity […]

World Economic Forum
June 23, 2017

The NextGen Billionaire Next Door Measures Impact In People, Not Dollars

Impact is a word that can be defined in many ways but few of these definitions are as important to the world as the one that millennials and entrepreneurs use. But how do we measure impact ? What does it even mean when we are trying to cover the broad spectrum of outcomes involving human […]

Huffington Post
June 20, 2017

Bigger, broader, and on a roll – the 2017 AVPN conference

There’s a tradition at AVPN conferences that Doug Miller, founder of AVPN, leaps onto the stage. The challenge is that as the events expand his staff keep raising the height of the stage! Now in his early 70s, you might think Doug would be wary of a stage leap but leap he did (and survived) […]

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