AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023



Capability Development Model

Improving efficiency and effectiveness in creating social impact


To help new entrants and seasoned practitioners make sense of available best practices and frameworks and overall increase their ability to create social impact in partnership with their investees, AVPN has developed the Capability Development Model (CDM).

The First Step


This is the first step on the journey of social investing. It includes three activities: sourcing, screening (including due diligence) and structuring social investment deals.

Best Practices and Approach

Capacity Building

At the heart of social investing is an engaged approach with the funded organisation. Ideally what is provided by the social investor or resource provider matches what is needed by the SPO.

Measuring Social Mission

Impact Assessment

Measuring the outputs and outcomes of a social mission are crucial to understand how and if social missions are being achieved.

Value Clarity

Portfolio Management

Crucially, managing a portfolio requires clarity on which SPOs to add and which to exit and how to add value to the portfolio SPOs during their investment period.

Systematic Change

Multi-sector Collaboration

This practice area examines the different collaboration constellations between the social sector and business and government.