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Swasti (Wellbeing in Sanskrit) is a Global South civil society organisation that is committed to adding 100 million “well’thy” days for Vulnerable Communities. We bring the missing pieces of wellness together (mental, social, financial, environmental, systematic) to elevate the discourse from physical health to overall wellbeing. We integrate the technical/medical aspects with other aspects of wellbeing, with a strong focus on prevention and promotion. Our success is in re-inventing systems to make it work for all, particularly for the vulnerable, following the spirit of the SDGs to “leave no one behind”. Our multidisciplinary teams have successfully demonstrated scalable, cost effective and sustainable models in partnership with communities, and support partners to reach impact.

Barakat Bundle

Barakat Bundle is a nonprofit that works with local communities to create life-saving care and education bundles for mothers and newborns in need. Each Barakat Bundle includes 1) evidence-based medical items; 2) our interactive health education calendar; and 3) our safe-sleep bamboo rocking cradle with a built-in mosquito net; all co-created with over 100 mothers, fathers, and healthcare workers in rural India using human-centered design.

To receive Barakat Bundle, mothers must give birth in a health center to increase access to skilled birth attendants. Barakat Bundle takes a financially sustainable approach to maternal and child health by selling our Indian-made, safety-certified bamboo cradles in North America at a premium price to subsidize distribution of full Barakat Bundles to families in need in South Asia. At Barakat Bundle, our vision is to give every newborn and every mother an equal access to a healthy start.


PUSPADI Bali is the only NGO providing combined quality mobility aids, rehabilitation and skills training programs to some of the most vulnerable people with disabilities on the island and in East Indonesia. We are recognized for making the highest quality prosthetic legs and orthotics outside Jakarta, in our workshop in Denpasar. Over time, we have distributed wheelchairs and mobility aids to more than 5,000 people with disabilities living in some of the poorest communities of Bali, Lombok, Atambua, Sumba as well as Papua. Our experienced team, 70% of whom have a physical disability, regularly travel to remote areas and to the homes of people with disabilities to give them an appropriately fitted mobility aid, so they can be independent. We provide them free-of-charge because we understand that many of them live in poverty and can’t afford nor access basic health care.

Jeeon LLC

Jeeon is a Bangladesh-originated social enterprise developing a model for delivering quality healthcare to 4 billion underserved rural patients in developing countries, using technology to upgrade existing local health micro-entrepreneurs such as pharmacies. In organizing this informal sector, Jeeon aims to create a global last-mile network of agents who are a viable and already-trusted delivery channel for diverse health products and services. Jeeon’s current interventions include an case based learning app for medical skill enhancement of these providers, a telemedicine and referral platform for connecting patients with remote doctors and hospital procedures, and vision and diabetes screening services.

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Lawe is a community social enterprise that transform traditional handwoven into functional, attractive and unique hand-made products through women empowerment. The idea of creating a product is focused on ‘what can be made to bring the craftsmen work’, a process of bridging between the craftsmen to market, then lift the added value to increase its competitiveness in global market.

LAWE stated the two missions as to conserve Indonesia traditional hand-weaving culture and to empower women, while its vision is to provide a wide range of high quality products made from traditional hand-woven from all over Indonesia and become a learning centre for developing traditional handwoven products.

Today LAWE organises more than 100 artisans with the help from 20 dedicated people in a core team. In  Lawe, we build people. Our businesses and products are a means to allow improved livelihoods for those involved.

Shenzhen Zhijia Development Centre for Mentally Challenged Youth

A social service organization registered with Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen Zhijia Development Centre for Mentally Challenged Youth is committed to providing real employment opportunities for those marginalised youth who face great difficulty in getting employed at jobs compatible with their capabilities.


Imagtor mission is to become the first successful and scalable social enterprise in Vietnam to employ, empower, and be led by People with Disabilities (PwDs). We are a digital startup that employs PwDs to provide image editing services for the U.S, EU and Japan real estate market. Our services include photo editing, retouching, 720 rendering, 2D to 3D visualization, floor plan staging, virtual staging, and and other digital services to help our real estate B2C customers build brand and market to their property buyers.

Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2001, Educational Initiatives Private Limited (EI), is India’s leading assessment research and educational technology organization, working with the vision to create “a world where children everywhere are learning with understanding”. EI regularly conducts large-scale assessments to measure the learning outcomes of children both in government and private schools while its education technology learning program, Mindspark is used across India, by over 300k students.

Over the past two decades, EI has undertaken over 100+ projects with 50+ government and civil society partners (16+ languages, 40+ detailed studies published) across geographies, socio-linguistic backgrounds in India and abroad, for more than 10 million students across different grades.


ShopUp is a self-learning credit evaluation platform helping social media based micro-enterprises access affordable financing in developing countries.


Started in October 2010 with the mission to return dignity to the disabled and disadvantaged through vocation with passion. To achieve our mission we have Dignity Kitchen – street food (or hawker) training center; Dignity Mama – second hand book stalls manned by people with disabilities and several other social initiatives.
Winner of Singapore President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Award 2015 and the United Kingdom GHP Social Care 2018. Attained the ISO 22000 Food Safety and Hygiene Certification, the first in the world for a hawker center. A certified training center in the region with Workforce Singapore Approved training curriculum for hawkers.
As of today we trained and placed over 500 disabled and disadvantaged in gainful employment including incubating and start-up over 30 hawker stalls in Singapore.

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A river once filled with garbage and neglected by the community became one of the most successful ecotourism sites in Sorsogon City. Bantay Kalikasan, in tandem with the local government and funder Energy Development Corporation, built tourism infrastructures, trained the communities and exposed them with different media platforms. It resulted to a significant paradigm shift in the consciousness of the people of Buhatan, thus Buhatan River Eco-Adventure Service Cooperative was born.

The Buhatan River Eco-Adventure is also regarded as the most successful community-based tourism in Sorsogon City. The people’s organization was actually invited by the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources to share their best practices for others to learn from and possibly replicate.

The Buhatan River Eco-Adventure achievement confirms Bantay Kalikasan’s vision to create communities who live harmoniously with the environment.


Semacare’s vision is to serve mankind through healthcare. We do this through distributing and developing medical technologies that prevent, diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Semacare measures our impact through the patient populations that our medical partners work with. For example, the Baker IDI is using our remon technology with over 600 at risk heart patients. We are working closely with them through a cloud based database on measuring the number of patients treated, as well as atrial fibrillation and other cases prevented using the technology.


Jaga-Me (https://www.jaga.sg) is an award-winning digital healthcare platform that bridges a patient’s transition from hospital to home. Our mission is to enable access to quality healthcare at home, through a global community care network.

Jaga-Me’s digital platform matches people who need care with clinical care resources in the community. Through our web and mobile app platform, Jaga-Me facilitates the delivery of healthcare services, health information, and medical goods – so as to enable a safe and seamless transition home.

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KOTO (Know One Teach One) was founded in 1999 by Jimmy Pham, an Australian-Vietnamese, following his encounter with Vietnamese street children in 1996. Starting as a humble sandwich shop manned by 9 street kids, KOTO has since grown into a social enterprise that provides an internationally-accredited, free-of-charge 24-month hospitality training program and stable employment for 150-200 disadvantaged youths per year. Over 22 years of operation, KOTO has helped and transformed the lives of over 1000 underprivileged youths and their families.
KOTO empowers youths through its training center and restaurant in Hanoi, and different hospitality joint ventures. The training program fosters both professional and personal development for its trainees with Hospitality, English, Computer and Life Skills. Upon graduation, trainees receive Certificate III in Hospitality or Commercial Cookery from Box Hill Institute, Australia and 100% of trainees get hired in hotels and restaurants across Vietnam.

Folia Water

Folia Filters: the world’s first water filter for pennies, not dollars, the next $1B staple providing safe germ-free water throughout the world.

Folia Water’s patent-pending process uses standard paper machinery as the world’s largest nanofactories to make antimicrobial Folia Filters for only 3 cents each. Each is packaged like a coffee funnel and is a week of safe, germ-free drinking water for only 50 cents, priced to be affordable for low income families earning $2-10/day. Folia is creating a new $1B+ category of consumer goods water filters, to be sold through distributors in retail stores throughout developing countries as a mass-market staple at a 75-95% savings to bottled water. Following paid product-testing field trials in 30+ countries, we’re starting retail pilot trials in Mexico and Indonesia measuring consumer behavior change and repurchase via consumer marketing and retail channels.

mPower Social Enterprises Ltd.

mPower Social Enterprises Limited is a Bangladesh-based organization that designs and deploys scalable and sustainable solutions, so that our partners do development better and take limited resources further. We specialize in the use of mobile phone applications for innovative social programs.

mPower is dedicated to moving the paradigm of social good into the information age. Our global and multidisciplinary team co-designs with partners to iteratively learn and solve development challenges using ICT-based tools and approaches.

Alina Vision

Alina Vision addresses the leading causes of blindness by delivering sustainable eye care for clients of all income groups with world-class quality. We actively reach out to serve those excluded from mainstream healthcare systems, particularly low-income individuals and women. We seek to significantly increase the growth rate of the Affordable Eye Care sector globally by expanding eye care services in underserved communities, identifying challenges inhibiting industry growth and developing sustainable solutions using our networks and partnerships with healthcare providers and funders.

Todo-Works Co., Ltd

The founder, Shim once met his daughter’s friend who has myopathy and is a wheelchair user. He heard the inconvenience of a wheelchair user’s life from the child. As an engineer, he got a brilliant idea that makes a sub motor kit to install a manual wheelchair. It can be simply transformed manual to electric. After R&D for several months, the device named Todo-Drive has been produced and gave it to him as a gift. This experience led him to raise 11,000 USD through Daum-Kakao story funding(a kind of Crowd funding). A little child uses a wheelchair inspired Mr. Shim to begin a new journey. This is how Todo-Works was built.

Launched in November 2016, the company has been steadily growing by selling and donating about 600 units to the disabled so far. They even attended 2017 Rehacare exhibition in German and received great attention from venders from many of EU countries as well as Singapore, and UAE. The company also found out that Todo-Drive is the lightest power-assist for manual wheel


Since its first operation early 2009, Javara has grown from domestic-oriented to an export player generating 60% of total revenues from exports in 2016 as compared to 20% in 2011. In Indonesia, Javara products are distributed to over 300 retailers and 500 commercial clienteles (horeca/ industry). Javara exports to 21 countries across Europe, North/South America, Australia and Asia. Since 2011, the company had grown at 45.5% CAGR, reaching USD 2.3M sales in 2016 and impacting the livelihood of over 52,000 farmers. The company is now scaling up its operation as to onboard more farmers into their business platform.

Inclusive Business

SunFarmer Nepal

SunFarmer Nepal is a Kathmandu-based Nepali company with headquarters in New York, USA. SunFarmer Nepal was established in 2014 by North American and Nepali solar experts. Our team has implemented over 1,000 solar projects worldwide, worth over $1 Billion. SunFarmer Nepal is staffed by a team Nepal’s best solar engineers and has built over 250 projects for hospitals, schools, farms, and businesses.

We are the:
• 1st company to do AC Coupling Systems: 100kWp at Bayalpata Hospital
• 1st company to introduce solar plants integrated with diesel generators in Nepal: 66.78 kWp at Kritipur Hospital, Kathmandu
• 1st company to introduce Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)for Solar in Institutional and Solar Water Pumping System

We are also working with all stakeholders in the industry – technology providers, installers, banks, government, and NGOs – to develop and enforce the performance and safety standards needed to make solar a cost effective long-term investment.

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