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Breakthrough, registered as Trust in 1999, envisions a world in which all people enjoy their human rights and live with dignity, equality, and justice. We can build this world by making violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable by building a generation of gender sensitive adolescents and young adults. Our work is transformative; focused on changing the norms and culture that perpetuate inequity and violence. We do this by building a critical mass of change agents worldwide — the Breakthrough Generation — whose bold collective action will deliver irreversible impact on the issue of our time.

Breakthrough has developed a deep understanding of the inter-linkages between the various manifestations of violence; this has helped design programmatic interventions that address all the issues from a gender, sexuality and rights framework. We create innovative multimedia campaigns, tools and programmes that reach individuals and institutions where they are, inspiring and equipping them to build a world in which all people live with dignity, equality, and justice.

Breakthrough currently works with over 500,000 adolescents across 5 states of India- Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar and Jharkhand- and help shape the gender attitudes and behaviours of boys and girls at an age when alternative narratives about gender roles and stereotypes can be explored.

Our Adolescent Empowerment Programme (AEP) takes a life-cycle approach and works to build leadership among boys and girls across the age group of 11-25 and empowers them to become change agents. Working with young people at an age when their gender views are still malleable is a critical component of our programme strategy. We use the socio-ecological framework to engage with multiple stakeholders in their ecosystem (schools, parents, communities, frontline workers) to shift normative expectations gradually. However, at the core of our work are the adolescent boys and girls and youth because we believe that young adults will transform self, influence peers, and build healthy relationships to drive public action towards a violence and discrimination free world.


In the last two decades of working on gender norm change, Breakthrough has:

  • Directly impacted more than 15 million people through its community based programmes
  • Increased the marriageable age of girls by 1.84 years in its intervention areas in Jharkhand
  • Reached over 400 million people through mass media campaigns that have created widespread public dialogue on violence against women
  • Influenced over 500,000 people through intensive gender trainings, to ensure they become catalysts of change 

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