Combating COVID-19 with Open Data and Mobile Testing Facilities in West Java

West Java remains one of the two regions most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia. In 2017, West Java still has 8.71 percent of their population living under the poverty line.

Activating Community Voices for COVID-19 Relief in Pune

Pune's low-income communities are some of the hardest-hit segments of society by the pandemic. In end-March, Pune City Connect begin conducting a large scale listening exercise with 200+ families across over 30 communities.

Emergency Relief Resources for Ranchi District, Jharkhand

To fight the battle against this pandemic, Ranchi District is calling for urgent and wholehearted support from corporate entities and resource-providers.

Inclusive Policy: Linking small businesses with value chain of big businesses in Philippines

The Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) seeks to develop inclusive policy generating employment and growth for enterprises

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