Over the past decade, wealth in India has grown dramatically and with it comes more sophisticated and engaged philanthropists and social investors. This group is tackling many of the economic inequalities still challenging the country through market-based approaches.

Moushumi Banerjee
AVPN Representative

Moushumi Banerjee

Development Director - India
Landscape Report

Social Investment Landscape in India

India has a vibrant civil society that has sustained momentum on solving several critical social issues since the early 1960s. Charity and social entrepreneurship are deeply rooted in the Indian ethos. Download the report to access India's social investment landscape.

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India Landscape Report

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This report describes 33 innovative financing and delivery programs selected based on their relevance to broader health systems and potential to achieve positive impact for poor people.

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This report analyzes the experiences of India, Kenya, Mexico, and Myanmar in implementing the Guidelines for Effective Philanthropic Engagement, to bring foundations and governments closer together on a theme of common interest.

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Meeta Misra By Meeta Misra

5 Min Read

At the AVPN Conference 2018, collaborative funding was seen as a growing trend. A panel of thought leaders discussed the opportunities and challenges in developing successful collaborations.

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Rohan Sandhu By Rohan Sandhu

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Scaling innovations in India is a complex undertaking that comes with fundamental factors. International Innovation Corps, University of Chicago, shares insights.

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April 13, 2018

Catalysing a Self-Sustaining Model

CSR offers an opportunity to transform education for the urban working poor. Find out how FSG and AVPN are using innovative financing approach to scale up solutions.

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November 16, 2017

Education in India: Where funders need to focus efforts

AVPN member, Sattva, features the ‘Funding Education with Impact’ Report (written in collaboration with AVPN), to point out the focus for sector-level impact.
The report was launched at the AVPN India Summit 2017.

IDR Online
November 9, 2017

Want sector-level change? Go beyond funding just programmes

If we want to impact the lives of millions of Indians, we, as funders, will have to invest in organisational capacity, and even in the larger ecosystem.
IDR Online interviews Roopa Kudva (Partner, Omidyar Network) at the AVPN India Summit 2017.

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